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Participate in our Art Contest!


Our art contest for children ages 3 to 17 is now underway. The top submissions (by age) will be prominently displayed at a special tent at the 2015 Touch-A-Truck event!  Prizes will be awarded to the top contest winners in each age category.


Download the entry form HERE!!!


Children should draw a picture of their favorite vehicle (such as a trailer, fire, tow or dump truck; street sweeper; concrete mixer; tractor; crane; excavator; race car; or police or other emergency vehicle). Drawings should be made on the contest form or on a separate sheet of paper. All drawings must be no larger than 5 inches high by 7 inches wide and must be entirely hand-drawn (no tracing allowed!)


No letters or words are to be used in the drawing, and drawings should not depict any well-known characters (e.g. Thomas the Train, Lightning McQueen)


Deadline (postmark) for all entries is April 11, 2015.


Mail your submission to:


Touch a Truck Art Contest

Rock Ridge Bands Support Organization 

43460 Loudoun Reserve Drive

Ashburn, VA 20148

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